Why ivy
Home professionals
Home professionals
Home professionals
Strength in the network

Your post close super power

Reach out to our users or let them come to you. Our chat feature allows you the freedom and flexibility of in-app communication capabilities and smarter sharing options.

Ivy works with your business

Get smarter analytics and special statistics to help you build a better business. You also get access to personalized reporting to help you improve your strategy, relationships and prospecting all at the push of a button.

Client connection elevated
Ivy is the only all-in-one home platform, bringing the best homes, and home professionals under one roof with the end goal of delivering limitless value to consumers. No more capture pages and spam. Clients connect with home professionals when and how they want.

Let your work speak

The work you’ve done becomes a real world advertising artifact. Why can’t I see what landscaper my neighbor uses? Now I can. Let your work drive your growth and credibility.

Share, post, curate.

Build a brand, a look, or a feeling by posting your own content on Ivy, allowing our users to connect more deeply with you and the work you do. That way, connections are made organically and easily.

Home centered

Ivy connects all pieces of the home journey.Our users can browse content, search for listings, buy or sell their home, and renovate or redecorate all within the app. It’s a home professional’s paradise

Built for people first
Uniting for a better future
Stronger together

The bigger we get the stronger we get. That means more opportunities for you and us. We approach every challenge with a win win mentality. If it’s not good for our core user-base then it’s not good for us. We advocate for our clients, using the power of the network to drive costs down and increase perks for you.

Sharing the wealth
We believe that life isn’t a zero sum game. The opportunities to take care of those that look who take care of you are easy on Ivy. We encourage home professionals to share a percentage of revenue created from a referral. We don’t stop there. When Ivy makes money on a service purchased on our platform we take a portion of the revenue and give it back to the purchaser.
Rethinking home equity

If you have equity in your home, why is it so difficult to gain access to that equity, and why can’t you leverage your equity in more creative ways? Think about that. We need a better system that favors the people, over profits.

Life happens in the home

We take this very serious. We know that your home is a sacred place, where you and your loved ones live. We’ll never share your information unless you want us to. A new way of building a tech company has arrived and we’re blazing the trail.

Easily find professionals

Need to find the best designer in your area? Look no further than Ivy! With Ivy, you can see who their favorite home professionals are - plus, as your network expands, so does your wealth. Come explore what Ivy has to offer today!