Ivy House

Empowering the home enthusiasts

Ivy is the first app that focuses on the entire journey home, everything from real estate search to home inspiration, it's all here.

real estate evolution

all-in-one intuitive platform for everything home.

Ivy is a simplified real estate process for professionals and consumers. an all-in-one app that will increase branded exposure, provide cutting-edge tools for the agent/broker and meet consumer demand for a better home buying experience.

You grow we grow

We give you superpowers


Focus on consumers

Consumers love our platform because it's familiar and because our platform focuses on the meaningful aspects of the consumer life-cycle.


Support Professionals

We built the Ivy platform for the best in class home professionals, Our job is to give professionals a way to drive new business through their current client base. We also create new opportunities for consumers to discover home professionals in a way that is more meaningful and authentic. We do this by giving home professionals a place to showcase their work in a very intuitive natural way that consumers love.



What really makes Ivy a heavy-hitting product is our relationship with some of the world's biggest and most well know home enthusiasts. Consumers instantly feel at home on the Ivy platform because they see familiar faces in a way they haven't experienced before.


Core Solutions

Conversational AI.
Mortgage Platform integrations.
Almost real-time MLS data updates.
Aggregated insights for home professionals
Consumer engagement engine.
Home management tools & insights
The feature list is pretty long so we'll stop here
Looking Ahead

The future of real estate

Consumer focused

By now we all can tell the difference between a good consumer experience and a bad one. So many of the current products and business models for those products are focused solely on generating leads by capturing user data and selling that data to the highest bidder, consumers are starting to catch on to the model and want something different. We believe there is a better way to drive business to our professionals without compromising on the user experience.

Supported By professionals

The data doesn't lie on this fact, homeowners and future homeowners like having a professional around to help throughout the purchase process. We believe that by supporting professionals we can better serve the consumers on our platform.


There is a reason why some of the largest tech companies on the planet are social media platforms. We like to share, read, post, think, like, connect, love, comment, and possibly most importantly discover new things. We are curious and social and any company that wants to be a major player in the future of real estate tech needs to focus on these fundamental truths about human nature.

There is simply nothing like Ivy.

The Ivy platform is something special. The simple yet powerful interface allows for many opportunities for integrations and new features without making the overall system more complicated. We are solving the most challenging problems that home professionals have in a way that is sustainable and intuitive.

HOW IT WORKS for pro's

Live in five small steps

Get Your Project Running. Fast.

After we verify your identity and any required licenses you need we'll sync your integrations and power up your dashboards

Dashboard for Amply app.
Dashboard for Amply app.

Import content

Sync your social media accounts and select any data you'd like to bring over. You can also sync your contacts and connect to your company

Invite your home team

Home professionals usually don't work alone, in fact, they are almost always a part of a team that's part of a larger process. Ivy provides a place where home professionals can connect and drive new business by being a trusted referral source with their clients.

Dashboard for Amply app.
Dashboard for Amply app.

Focus on the main touch-points.

Consumers want and oftentimes need home professionals to help them throughout the homeownership lifecycle. Ivy will help the consumer find you in a meaningful way that will increase conversion rates and overall trust.

Think big picture

Our goal for Ivy is to increase your customers without increasing your costs. In addition, we want each consumer to drive referrals back to you. Ultimately this creates an opportunity for you to think about creating a long term business that's supported by your consumer ambassadors.

Dashboard for Amply app.